Thou wilt shew me the path of life:
in thy presence is fulness of joy;
at thy right hand there are pleasures
for evermore. Psalms 16:11


Thursday, April 11, 2024

Agatha Christie, the most famous author of all recent history, once famously said something expressing that the man who truly loves you will seem like a sick sheep, not like a Romeo sweeping you off your feet.

The second kind of man who seeks to sweep you off your feet is inevitably interested in the ulterior motive of satisfying what is between his legs, and is willing to achieve this with any kind of lies to you. He cares no more for you than for a drop of honey to sweeten his tea--a drop of honey which he will consume as a trifle, and upon which not even one more of his thoughts will ever dwell upon nor care for all the rest of his life.

But the first kind of man will love you unfailingly for 75 years until only death separates you apart.

The second kind of man who exudes confidence like a lion and uses his brawny body as bait cares no more for you than for finding a filling station toilet on trip to relieve himself within.

But the first kind of man is called a soulmate and a husband. And is often stronger and more attractive than the brawny lion kind of man in so many ways--but in ways that are hidden from sight like fruit trees in a walled garden behind a gate, reserved and waiting only for someone who is his wife to uncover.

And this wisdom of that modern writer reminds me of a greater wisdom of God far more ancient and far more true.

In the Bible, in the Song of Solomon it says, "I am sick of love."

And that is the way that true love always is--sick.

In fact, that is how true love is always known and proved to not be fake but be true--if it is sick.

But the word sick used here is a literal one, not an expression like being sick of something means today.

The word sick used here means the total opposite of its modern meanings like, "I'm tired out. I'm fed up. I'm done with this one. I'm ready for the next one."

The words in the Song of Solomon are so literal that they really mean, "I am sick from love," or even, "Love is my sickness."

The word sick used here means your love is so strong and true that it overwhelms even your body and spirit, like a sickness overcomes them as well.

It means your love is so strong that it makes you feel like you are sick and weak.

But not a negative sickness, just the true sickness of true love that overwhelms our body and spirit with something like a sickness.

But not bad like a sickness of a disease is.

But beautiful.

Like how a fruit tree bears fruit finally at last in October, even as it loses its last energy and its last leaves as the witness and the record and the story of its love is written in both its beautiful fruit and in its dying leaves fallen so lonely and forlornly on the ground.

And that is way that true love always is, in fact, how true love is known.

Real love is like sickness. It consumes us to give ourselves away in love and all that we are for those we love.

Like an exhausted mother with no sleep from nursing a newborn. Like an exhausted father from building a home by hand. Like all the instances of real love.

The only thing that isn't real love is everything that is made out to be "love" by the world today, and isn't anything of the kind at all.

  Joseph Myers

Love God

Proverbs 3:5John 14:1John 3:16

God, please help us to have faith no matter how small, and trust in you in our hearts. Help us believe in Jesus who died and paid for our sins so we can be forgiven if we ask you to forgive our sins in the name of Jesus. And thus enter our hearts and help us to grow in love for you.